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Intuitive Therapy

As an intuitive therapist, I can help you understand your behavioural patterns to encourage healing in your life. Let me help you change your patterns, reduce stress, help with anxiety and help you understand your emotions on a deeper level. You will gain insight about your 'go-to' feelings and deepen your emotional maturity. During this session we can look at problem solving, patterns of behaviour, blocks to receiving what you want, feelings of anxiety and how to control this and of course look at the future. You will gain tools and receive homework tailor made just for you to help you understand yourself and your life so far. We will then put in an action plan to encourage change, success, happiness and a much higher vibrational life. This will all lead you to a brighter future.


Please message me to book in for a coaching session. 

£180 for 45 Minutes

£200 for 60 Minutes


Please message me to book in or for more details.

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