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About Tiffany Wardle

Royal & Celebrity Psychic


Tiffany Wardle is a Royal & Celebrity intuitive guidance coach. Working with clients around the world, her intuitive skills are second to none. Tiffany works with Royals, A-List and has worked with well-known companies such as Goop, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & Psychic TV. 

Tiffany has worked on the largest Psychic TV show in Europe, she has written 4 best selling books and has been featured in numerous publications all over the globe.

Tiffany will make you feel relaxed with her friendly approach. She asks you to imagine you are having a conversation with a friend as you talk to her. She will ask you for your questions as she wants to hear your voice and Tiffany will then use your voice as a vibration to see your future. Tiffany will then be shown a film of your future and will relay back to you what she sees. She always sees positive, uplifting information. Tiffany will then give you the tools to help you get to the future of your dreams.

You will also receive healing as she tells you the future, you may still feel this powerful healing a few days after your reading.

The following day, you will receive your summary of your intuitive session. Tiffany often suggests some homework to improve your current status quo. 

Tiffany's aim is to help you see your inner beauty. She will then help you believe in yourself more and give you the tools to increase your inner peace.

As a very unique intuitive & healer, Tiffany works globally with clients in a bespoke way, tailoring her readings to your needs. Tiffany has a clinic in Chelsea, Central London, she also has clients at her home in Sussex UK.  *Currently stopped due to Covid.

Tiffany can also see you via video, where you will receive exactly the same psychic information as if you were meeting face to face.

Tiffany has clients all over the world for distance healing sessions. Please ask for more information on her powerful healing abilities. 

If you want Tiffany to come to you and meet in the privacy of your own home, please ask for further details and costs. 

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