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This course includes an attunement, a healing certificate and a guide to attuning your very own pupils!


This incredible course book will teach you a huge amount about Lemuria in a very short amount of time. Learn Lemurian Healing will teach you Lemurian symbols,  facts of Lemuria & also includes exclusive channeled messages from the high priests of Lemuria.


This book takes you on a positive journey for your personal growth, with insider tips, guided meditations and a chance for you to start to heal not only yourself but to start your journey as a healer for others.


Lemurians were highly evolved, psychic beings that used distance healing in their every day lives. Lemuria or Mu was a continent that appeared before the age of Atlantis. Tiffany Wardle travels to areas of the world where Lemurians are said to reside and writes a fascinating account of their lives in the motherland - Lemuria.


Lemurian Healing has been described as being 10 times the power of Reiki.

Want to learn how to become a Lemurian healer?

This is an intense course for those interested in the age of Lemuria and those whom want to become healers.


Tiffany Wardle has intentionally added Lemurian healing energy to the content of this book for you to potentially feel.


Once purchased Tiffany will email you personally with a link to download the eBook version in PDF.


When you are ready for your attunement and certificate, please contact us for a date and time.

Lemurian Healing Full Course, Attunement & Certificate

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