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I have written three courses that will help to enhance your spiritual ability and knowledge. People often ask me whats the difference between buying the book or the course? If you buy the whole course, you are also buying a personal attunement from myself. This also comes with a certificate. The book does not come with anything else.

The first course I wrote soon became a book also called 'Psychic Like Me'.

I soon learnt that everyone can tap in to their psychic abilities if they really want to. I wanted to share the knowledge I have accumulated over the years.

Psychic Like Me £70:

The course 'Psychic Like Me' teaches you the very basics to becoming a psychic. The course helps you connect to your inner wisdom, your guides and your tools: crystals and cards for example.

The course also comes with an attunement from myself helping you attune and encouraging your third eye to open. This may well enhance our intuition. Once you've read the course booklet, contact me for a time and date for your attunement. You will then receive your attunement certificate.

Chakra Chapter £70: 

I loved writing this course book. I wanted everyone to know they too can connect to their own inner knowledge wisdom and guides if they really wanted to.

This course teaches you about each chakra and how to open them up spiritually. This course also teaches you that angels are around us and that you can connect with them if you want to.

The Chakra Chapter also comes with an attunement from myself. The attunement  and certificate encourages you to open all your chakras to enhance your connection to your guides.

Learn Lemurian Healing £200:

This course booklet teaches you some Lemurian Healng Symbols. This healing technique is said to be ten times the power of reiki. I have travelled to many places looking for signs of Lemuria, this is also indicated in the book.

I will attune you to each healing symbol. I will attune your energy to that of Lemuria and realign your chakras. 

This attunement also comes with a certificate stating you can not only use Lemurian Healing but you can teach it to others as well.

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